Friday, March 8, 2013

Socks for a flying girlfriend

Theusual fab supplier but I can no longer see this specific one on their site. It's this yarn and the colour is Sonoma. Beautiful when knitted up.

The panel is called Fractured Lattice from Barbara Walker.

The panel is made up of eight knit stitches and I used one purl stitch on each side of the panel. Total 12 stitches.

Fractured Lattice adapted for panel in sock

Row 1 and all alt rows - Knit
Row 2 - LT, k2, LT, RT
Row 4 - K1, LT, K2, RT, K1
Row 6 - RT, LT, RT, K2
Row 8 - K3, LT, K3

RT K2 tog leave on needle; insert R from front between two sts and knit first st again.

LT with RH needle from behind L, skip 1st and knit into back of 2nd st; then insert RH needle into backs of both sts (k2togtbl).

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