Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dragonfly Fiber Socks

I've not tried this yarn before and I'm very pleased with it... no splitting.

These socks are for a friend who is getting married. The colour is called Wedding Bouquet ... very fitting methinks.

The little side panel is made of 7 sts and 18 rows as follows:

Note: Left Twist (LT) as follows: skip 1 st and knit second st in back loop, then slip the skipped st purlwise onto the needle, then slip the knit st also.

Row 1: LT, K5
Row 2 and all alternate rows are knit
Row: 3: K1, LT, k4
Row: 5: K2, LT, K3
Row 7: LT, K1, LT, K2
Row 9: K1, LT, K1, LT, K1
Row 11: k2, LT, K1, LT
Row 13: K3, LT, K2
Row 15: K4, LT, K1
Row 17: K5, LT

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