Thursday, December 8, 2016

Hot Pink

Pair No 21 for 2016

I have had this pattern in my library for ages and finally decided this particularly colour combo would work.

I'm happy with the result and they fit me very well I'll see if I can stop myself from giving them away. I usually end up with socks that I've made that I haven't been able to find another pair of feet that fit them and I get desperate for a pair of socks.... and often they aren't a great fit for me.... I have a high arch; wide at the toe and narrow at the heel feet....

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Pair No 20 for 2016.

Jon's daughter visited us for his funeral and she was delighted that I offered to knit her a pair of "bespoke" socks. She admitted she had odd shaped feet. When I had finished them I posted them off forgetting to first take a photograph. She was happy to send me a pic .

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Men's Charity Socks

Pair No. 18 for 2016

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Men's Charity 2

 Pair No 19 for 2016. See Ravelry page for details.

Monday, October 31, 2016

2nd Pair for Joyce

My relative's good friend really liked the socks and asked for a second pair....
she was delighted.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

John's Belated Birthday Pair

Our good friend had the big "Seven Oh" recently and I said I make him socks.... I hope they will fit. I suspect they colour may be slightly challenging for him....

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Red Tribute Lace Socks

These are a really pretty pattern and I'm delighted with the outcome. Check out my Ravelry page for info.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Steve's Third Pair

One of our motorcycling buddies from Melbourne really likes the eye watering zingy socks - so here they are... he was delighted to receive them just as cold motorcycling weather is upon us all here in the Southern Hemisphere.

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Pair No 12 for 2016

Eccentric Check

This pattern originally is from Barbara Walker's "A Treasury of Knitting Patterns" page 80. I converted it to a chart using Intwined

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Pair No 13 for 2016

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Another Simulated Basket Weave

I used a pattern from "More Sensational Sock Patterns" but I have it with the same name in my Barbara Walker book.

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Fretwork Adaptation

I made an adaptation from Barbara Walker's Fretwork Pattern in "A Treasury of Knitting Patterns".  BW had  line-by-line instructions so I turned it into a chart using the software from Intwined Studio this way I could get my head around working in the round.

I was quite happy with the result although the sole stitches were of a looser gauge than the upper stitches. Next time I'll try Linen Stitch for the sole.

I use a strong 2ply thread alternating with the wool yarn for the toes and heels. This means I increase the number of stitches for the heel and heel shaping. This then allowed me to quite easily increase from 60 sts (which I had used on the foot) to 70 sts (a whole repeat) for the leg from the ankle upwards.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Pair No 7 for 2016

I made these for a recovery buddy but I feel they might not fit her.... I'll see her soon and if they don't fit her - they will find another home. I've just done another mend of my "oldest" pair currently in use so I need another pair... but they will be slightly too big for me too!

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3 June 2016
I offered these to an older relative as a choice. The others were pretty bright so I wasn't surprised she might prefer these slightly more subtle ones.

Ugly socks usually find a good home

I made these from mostly scraps and they were intended for myself. I thought they were particularly ugly but my friend Sue said she would be happy to have them... There's always a good ending to an ugly duckling story.

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Claire's Socks

Claire has wide foot and very little ankle shape so I worked hard to make sure I knitted her ones that fitted her. She was delighted...

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Jo's Socks Mark II

Carefully weighing of the yarn meant that I did indeed have enough to make a second pair... these one actually fit her.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Jo's Socks

My good friend has narrow and small feet and I'm hoping they're not actually too small for her! Bad luck if they are as there is insufficient bright pink to make another pair ...

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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Steve's Other Choice

Our mate Steve from Melbourne and his wife are coming over for a motorcycle tour in Feb. He gets to choose from these socks or these ones

The yarn is from my favourite online yarn store and you can see details of pattern etc on my Ravelry page

Deb's Pink Socks

I made these for my good friend in Dunedin. Her favourite colour is pink.... I had thought the yellow might "dampen" the brightness but it's probably accentuated it. However she said she likes them and that's the important stuff..

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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Mehmet's Travel Socks

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I made these for our friend Mehmet who is heading off for a long motorcycle tour starting in Chennai in India and riding through India, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and into is country of birth Turkey.

Being 100% pure wool they can be worn for many days in all kinds of temperatures and weather conditions. I know because I wear pure wool socks myself and although undies need changing socks just don't!

Socks for Deb

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