Thursday, December 8, 2016

Hot Pink

Pair No 21 for 2016

I have had this pattern in my library for ages and finally decided this particularly colour combo would work.

I'm happy with the result and they fit me very well I'll see if I can stop myself from giving them away. I usually end up with socks that I've made that I haven't been able to find another pair of feet that fit them and I get desperate for a pair of socks.... and often they aren't a great fit for me.... I have a high arch; wide at the toe and narrow at the heel feet....

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Pair No 20 for 2016.

Jon's daughter visited us for his funeral and she was delighted that I offered to knit her a pair of "bespoke" socks. She admitted she had odd shaped feet. When I had finished them I posted them off forgetting to first take a photograph. She was happy to send me a pic .

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Men's Charity Socks

Pair No. 18 for 2016

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Men's Charity 2

 Pair No 19 for 2016. See Ravelry page for details.