Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Dog Sweater

Yes, I know, my blog is about socks... but my friend asked several times that I make her dachshund a sweater made of my scraps. She really likes my multi-coloured yarn socks and thinks her cute daxi should have a sweater.... so here it is! Check out my Ravelry page for info

Thanks for this pattern.

I don't have a daxi to model this sweater but it has a cowl collar with cute cuffs for the front paws.

Here it is on the daxi! She doesn't look that happy eh?

Mistake Rib

These are pair No 19 for 2017.

Finished "on the road" so it was appropriate to photograph them sitting on the pannier.
I have not used this particular yarn before and I like it a lot. It's lovely to work with and feels good too.

I used the last of some hi-vis green for the toes and heels to ensure there would be enough yarn for the whole pair.

See my Ravelry page

Scraps again...

These are pair No 18 for 2017 for me personally.

I might get 20 pairs made before the end of 2017... we'll see.

My friend Sue in Australia always loves my multi-coloured socks and they were finished whilst we were staying with her and they fitted her so as always when they're finished and if a likely recipient is available and they like them then the stars have aligned perfectly ...

See my Ravelry page for more info

Garish Mosaics!

I made up this mosaic pattern so I'm rather pleased with that aspect but they don't have much stretch to them so have limited appeal.

They have become my own socks and they have grown in appeal for me. See my Ravelry page for info.

Sister Socks

These pink and greys were original made for someone else in mind. However they were too tight for her and I know they'd fit my sister....so she is the recipient.

See my Ravelry page
Scrap Socks for Marco.

Marco wears holes in socks so fast...he's always happy to have new colourful socks....

I used lots of leftovers. I usually make narrower stripes with leftovers but was in a hurry to get these bits and pieces of yarn out of the storage box.

More information from my my Ravelry page