Thursday, November 26, 2015

Lolly Stripes

I had forgotten about these. Completed just a few days before the bikes were shipped and not re-discovered until I unpacked the panniers when the bikes arrived back in NZ. I'll have no trouble finding a home for these!!

See my Revelry page for more info

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Faux Mitered Socks

These are the ugliest socks I've ever knitted. See my Revelry page for more details

24sts repeat
I thought I'd best post the charts before I got completely bamboozled as their whereabouts! NOTE the "W" indicates a double wrap on the second row of the pair of rows.

Morse Socks

I created a mosaic chart of 6 sts using this mosaic knit generator by Scott Pakin. The yarn was Baa La Jolla and Meadowcroft Rockshelter fingering 100% wool yarn.

I used 34 sts for the foot section (upper) and 36 sts for the foot (sole) when I had finished the heel I ensured the total sts were 72. I used size 2.25mm needles.

I'm very happy the way they have turned out. See my Revelry page for more info

Saturday, November 7, 2015

On the road (Cornelia's Socks)

See my Revelry page for more info.

Geoff's Socks

Geoff and Renée had a severe house fire and the rebuild has been very slow but finally they'll be back in their home very soon.

I thought Geoff might like a pair as a "welcome home".

Renée has been a sock recipient often and I thought her partner might be feeling left out!

Details of these socks can be found here

Rosemary's Socks

For my new craft friend in London.

Also a new yarn by Meadowcroft Dyeworks called Rockshelter Sock. 100% wool. I also used a 2ply tencel yarn to strengthen the heels and toes

Ravelry details here

Dieter's Socks

We stayed with fellow motorcyclists Dieter and Cornelia in Germany and I had a pair finished that fitted her and promised Dietee I would send him a pair.

They'll keep his tootsies warm now that winter will be arriving very soon

I used a 100% tencel 2-ply yarn as reinforcing thread. Full details here

Renée's socks (finished)

See more details on pattern etc here

I lost my entire knitting bag with bamboo needles and 2/3rd finished pair of socks when I disembarked in Kuala Lumpur ...OMG!

So I purchased more yarn in Sydney for these. Originally I had in mind they would be for Rosemary but once I go started I realised the colours were not quite right for her but probably a great colour combo for Renee.

Another lacy pair

Pattern and yarn details here