Monday, February 11, 2013

For motorcycling and flying

Finished sitting in the park next to the Walwa post office and posted straight off to the recipient.

I used a solid yarn from my favorite yarn supplyand created the side panel based on a Twill Stripe from a Barbara Walker design.

The number of knit stitches in the panel can vary from four to eight stitches. The number of rows will change of course.

I used a panel of eight knit stitches with a purl stitch on each side.(10 sts)

Alternate rows are P1, K8, P1

Tw2. Skipping the first stitch but leave on needle, Ktbl of 2nd stitch and then K into front of the first stitch, slip both stitches off the left needle.

Row 1: P1, Tw 2 K6, P1
Row 3: P1, K1, Tw2, K5, P1
Row 4: P1, K2, Tw2, K4, P1
Row 5: P1, K3, Tw2, k3, P1
Row 7: P1, Tw2, K2 Tw2, K2, P1
Row 9: P1, K1, Tw2, K2, Tw2, K1, P1
Row 11: P1, k2, Tw2, K2, Tw2, P1
Row 13: P1, k3, Tw2, K3, P1
Repeat rows 7-14 inclusive until desired length.

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