Tuesday, September 25, 2012

American Beauties

The Loopy Ewe very kindly sent me this yarn for me to collect from the Post Office in Kununurra WA (just over the border with Northern Territory).

So they have been completed as we made our way across the top of Aussie. I recall turning the heels on a very hot dusty afternoon at House Creek Bridge Rest Area ... very dry with fine fine red dust that swirled about if the breeze jumped up or a car pulled in at anything faster than 8kph. It so hot we barely moved!

Anyway we are now in the cool again and they were finished off at the caravan park at Kalbarri and photographed tonight at Leeman.

We are almost at Perth. I'm hoping they will fit our friend Jonathon T who we'll catch up with there.

Nice yarn too Shalimar 100% super wash

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